“It’s what I can do to help.  It’s a worthy cause.  
That so many people in our community give makes our community strong.” 
Diana, Hospice Supporter

General Fund
Donations to the general fund support all aspects of the program.  These gifts also help provide services for those patients whose ability to pay is limited.  Generous donations from people like you allow us to maintain the policy that no one will be denied access to services.

Hospice House Endowment
Gifts to the Endowment Fund go to maintain the Hospice House and will assure that the house will provide patient care well into the future.  A contribution to the Endowment Fund compounds and grows, maximizing the value of your gift.  Donations can be made online (please click here).

Volunteer Your Time
Volunteers play a vital role in the success of our program.  Your time is a beautiful gift.  Consider becoming a volunteer.  Visit our Volunteer page for more information.

Support Our Special Events
Participating in our fundraisers throughout the year gives a tremendous boost to our organization.  From buying a raffle ticket to sponsoring an event, your participation helps us provide the highest quality hospice services to Central Montana.  Visit our Events page to learn more.