Five Simple Steps to Prevent Diabetes 

Through the Lens:
Diabetes Education

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. In 2011, nearly 26 million people in the United States had diabetes along with millions more having pre-diabetes. Central Montana Medical Center’s (CMMC) Diabetes Education Program reaches out to those affected with diabetes through a team approach to help guide you through treatment and relieve any fears or issues encountered along the way.
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Diabetes Education at CMMC is an outpatient program that was designed to meet the highest standards for diabetes education. Since 2005, Central Montana Medical Center has been recognized as meeting the National Standards for Diabetes Patient Education, as developed and reviewed under the auspices of the American Association of Diabetes Educators.  Recognition is a formal acknowledgement of excellence.

The program at CMMC includes group and/or individual instruction to help persons with diabetes learn to manage their disease in an atmosphere of compassion and support.  Education focuses on incorporating healthy eating and physical activity, monitoring blood sugar to avoid the risk of complications, problem solving and adjusting emotionally to diabetes. 

At CMMC we use a team approach to help guide you through your treatment and help with any fears, issues, and problems you encounter along the way. Our team includes your personal physician, a nurse educator, a registered dietician, social worker, fitness specialist, and a pharmacist.

Meet our Diabetes Education team:

Emily Heggem, RD, CDE, CPT – Certified Diabetes Educator
Emily can help you learn more about the complexities of this chronic medical condition: diabetes and its treatment regimen. Learn how to monitor your blood sugar to avoid the risk of complications, as well as problem-solve blood sugar results to adjust your self-management routine. Learn about oral medications and how to administer insulin, if needed. She will also help you develop basic skills to manage diabetes day to day.

Linda Allen, RD – Dietician
Linda can help with understanding meal planning to achieve or maintain optimal body weight while providing dietary flexibility. Making healthy food choices, understanding portion sizes, and learning the best times to eat are important in managing diabetes.  For more information, call (406) 535-6265.

Debbie Lee, RN
Regular activity is important for overall fitness, weight management, and blood sugar  control. With your health care provider’s approval, Debbie can help you develop an exercise plan that is right for you and one you will enjoy doing.

The Diabetes Self Management Education is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and by many insurance plans.

Please contact your plan to find out more about your coverage. Self-pay is also accepted.

A referral from your Primary Care Physician is required.

Email: Emily Heggem, RD, CDE, Diabetes Education Coordinator/Educator or call 406 535-2078 for more informaiotn.