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Central Montana Medical Center may be a "rural" size hospital, but that doesn't mean we don't offer comprehensive care. Most healthcare services you and your family need are offered right here at our Medical Center.

Our 25 bed acute care nursing facility has newly remodeled, private and semi-private inpatient rooms to add a cozy, home-like atmosphere for the comfort of the patient and their families.

We have two full-time surgeons on board to compliment our full-range of physician specialists and family practitioners, and we take great pride in offering quality, professional nursing care with an emphasis on compassion.

We anticipated the questions you might have if you were a patient at our facility. We hope you find the information about our hospital services useful and informative. 

For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

For more information, please call (406) 535-7711

Through the Lens:
Outpatient Treatment
CMMC’s Outpatient Infusion/Treatment
services are not only convenient and
comfortable, but CMMC’s expert staff is
committed, confident and compassionate.
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Outpatient Treatment

The advantages of outpatient treatment are flexible schedule and convenience. Patients receiving chemotherapy, IV therapy or other outpatient treatments can receive their treatments close to home.

CMMC offers a comfortable environment for patients who sometimes spend several hours receiving therapy. The new furnishings and televisions for each treatment station help pass the time more quickly. There is an area for your family to sit and visit, play games or have a snack.

CMMC nurses work with your health care provider to manage your care and ensure proper treatment and progress.
Examples of treatments or therapies are:

  • Chemotherapy-Outpatient chemotherapy is available through the CMMC Emergency Department. Trained and certified chemotherapy nurses deliver the medicines through your oncologist's orders.
  • IV hydration
  • IV medication
  • IV antibiotics
  • Central line & port management
  • Other injections

CMMC's staff offers a supportive atmosphere to assist you in coping with your illness by providing comfort and manage possible side effects that may develop while implementing your treatment.

CMMC's certified chemo nurse, or trained out-patient-treatment nurse will take time to help you understand your medications and answer questions as they arise.

For information about outpatient treatments, please contact your physician, or call CMMC at (406) 535-6220.