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Who will be taking care of me while I'm in the hospital?
You will be taken care of by a team of people under the direction of your personal Doctor. The hospital team will consist of a nurse (RN or LPN) and nursing assistants. Physical therapists, occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, and all other disciplines are included on the team as your Doctor sees necessary.

How many other patients will my nurse be taking care of?
Typically your nurse will have 6-8 patients, but that number may vary depending on how many patients are in the hospital as well as how sick each patient is. Should you need to talk to your nurse at any time she/he is available by using your call light.

Can I bring my own medications to the hospital with me?
You can and should bring any medications you take at home with you. If you are unable to bring the medications, a list of medications and dosages is adequate. The nurse who initially sees you will go over your medications with you. The medications will then be stored in the pharmacy until you are discharged. Your medications will not be left in the room to avoid any chance of double dosing or taking a medication your physician has not ordered for you. Quite often your Doctor may be adjusting doses or changing medications while you are in the hospital. If you would like your own medications used while you are in the hospital, please ask your physician to order that and the pharmacy can dispense from your own stock if available.

When my Doctor discharges me, what is checkout time?
When your Doctor says you are ready to go home, he/she will write an order as such. Your nurse will get your paperwork together and go over your medications and instructions with you. This process usually takes 20 to 30 minutes. There is no specific time that you must leave by. Physicians most commonly write discharge orders in the morning, but it can be at any time throughout the day or evening as your condition dictates. There will be no hospital charge for the day you are discharged as long as it is before midnight. So, if you are discharged in the morning, but your family cannot come and get you until afternoon, you will be able to stay until then without any additional charge.

If my Doctor writes prescriptions for medications when I leave the hospital, can get them filled at the hospital?
The hospital pharmacy is available for patient use while in the hospital, but prescriptions for home medications will need to be filled at your usual pharmacy.. In the event, that you are discharged on the weekend or evening and are unable to get it filled at your regular pharmacy, you will be given enough medication at the time of discharge to carry you through until you are able to get your prescription filled.

How often will I see my Doctor while I am in the hospital?
Each Doctor is a little different, but generally your Doctor will see you in the morning and again in the evening. If there are questions regarding your care or an emergency arises, your nurse will be in contact with your Doctor. There may be times when your Doctor is not available on weekends or leaves town for a day and he/she will turn your care over to another Doctor. Your Doctor will notify you and the hospital when this happens.

Can I have visitors while I am in the hospital?
Yes, you can have visitors while you are in the hospital. Families and friends are an important part of the healing process. The hospital has cots or recliners available for family members who wish to spend the night with a patient. This is encouraged for all families who wish, but especially for parents of children who are patients. Occasionally, there may be some restrictions on visiting. A sign will be placed on the door to check with the nurse if necessary. This will be done only for the protection of the patient or visitors.

Can my pets visit while I am in the hospital?
Working animals are welcome, otherwise pets are not allowed in the hospital. However, if your condition allows, you may be able to go outside in a wheelchair to visit with your pet.

Will I be allowed to smoke while in the hospital?
There is no smoking on our campus. If you are a smoker, your stay in the hospital may be a good time to take the first step in quitting. Ask your nurse for information to help in this process, if you are interested.

Will I have to share a room with someone else?
There are some private and some semiprivate rooms available. CMMC has numerous beautifully redecorated rooms. Attention is given by staff to fill all rooms, including semi-private rooms with only one patient as often as possible. If the hospital is full two patients may be assigned to a semi-private room. Room assignments are made based on patient needs and what rooms are available with great sensitivity to your privacy.

What if I have questions about taking care of myself at home or follow-up?
When you are discharged, your Doctor will give instructions about what you need to do at home. Those instructions will be written and your nurse will review them with you prior to leaving the hospital. You can expect those instructions to include activity, diet, medications, follow-up appointments and any other issues important to your care. If there are any questions they can usually be answered before you leave. If further questions come up after you get home feel free to call 538-6255 and ask to talk to the nurse who was taking care of you.

How much will it cost to be in the hospital and what if I can't pay for it?
When you come to the hospital the admitting clerk will ask for your payment information. They will obtain any insurance information you may have. The primary focus of the caregivers in the hospital is to assist in your recovery process. Should you have questions regarding specific costs of things, insurance payments, or need help with your bill please ask your nurse. He/she will be able to have a representative of the billing department, social services or admitting visit with you and answer the questions.

Can my family bring me food in the hospital?
Your Doctor writes an order for what kind of diet you are to follow while you are in the hospital. Illness, tests or surgery may restrict your diet. Your nurse will have information regarding your diet. Please check with your nurse prior to having food brought in. If you have no restrictions it may be possible to have food brought in.