Through the Lens:
CMMC Laboratory

CMMC Laboratory provides services for
the purpose of helping in the diagnosis
of disease, monitoring treatment, and
detecting unknown health problems.
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Our Role is Important, Our Results Matter

Central Montana Medical Center calls attention to the vital contributions to heath care made by CMMC’s medical laboratory science professionals. National publications have reported that up to 80% of the data used for clinical decision-making by physicians is generated by the clinical laboratory. Medical diagnosis and treatment decisions depend on timely and accurate test results. Working behind the scenes, laboratory professionals are a critical component of the health care team in patient care.

The CMMC Laboratory offers testing for the purpose of screening, diagnosis, and monitoring of disease condition. Lab testing is performed on inpatients, outpatients, and referred samples, providing services 24 hours a day.

CMMC laboratory now has a new chemistry analyzer which will enable the laboratory staff to perform twelve new tests that were previously referred to an offsite lab. Our clinical laboratory scientists are trained and deemed competent to perform all the testing that is performed on site. Only lower volume, highly specialized testing will now be referred out to other labs.

The laboratory recently went through a rigorous government inspection with no deficiencies.  Central Montana Medical Center laboratory staffs 16 persons, 6 of these technologist and phlebotomists have worked over 20 years at CMMC -- all adding up to 197 years of experience!

 CMMC Lab utilizes Quest Diagnostics, Inc. in Billings, Montana for any testing not performed on site.

Email Abby Wichman, or call (406) 535-6283 for more information.